Nature's Curse: Pilot

Updated: Apr 1

This is part of the Nature's Curse series.

Curse of Nature: how we triggered natural disasters and environmental crises

We, as humans, are stuck with mother nature. For better or worse.

For millennia, mother nature provided everything, satisfying our dietary needs and giving us the materials to build. She does occasionally get upset at us for no reason, unleashing her anger through volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Millions of us could perish when that happens, and the course of our world could even change completely.

But more often than not, humans were the ones who invoked the curse of nature by overexploiting what nature has offered. Polluting the ocean for convenience. Hunting wild animals for trophies. Mining natural resources for our unsustainable lifestyle. When we do that, mother nature curses us with fish stuffed with plastic, collapsed ecosystems, and lands that cannot be farmed on. Nature even holds one last cruel trick called climate change, which could completely destroy every aspect of human lives.

Tiny nations often stand at the global frontline against nature's curse. Small island states in the Caribbean or Pacific are now hit by ever stronger hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones. Some small states saw their wildlife and natural resources depleted, as they find it difficult to resist the cash and threat from larger economies. And with limited space and cash, some tiny countries struggle to handle even the most basic of the environmental challenges, such as the disposal of trash.

In this series, we will study the biggest natural disasters and environmental challenges in the histories of small states, as well as the mounting challenges that they face today. Yet, some of them have tried to change their destinies by enacting drastic, forward-looking policies. These are all lessons that should be studied, as the world approaches a potential climate and environmental apocalypse.

Humans always believed that we can overcome mother nature. Nature may still have the last laugh.

This is part of the Nature's Curse series.