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About Lessons From The World
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/ Our Mission


To inspire people to make the history and build the culture that our next generations would be proud of.

/ Our Core Belief


We can find answers to today's biggest problems by studying world history and culture.

We are the richest and most privileged generation ever lived. But in this rich world, we are also facing some of the largest problems that humans have ever seen. Climate change, civil unrest, great power conflicts, and issues with artificial intelligence dominate global headlines. Some of these problems may be new, but the key to solving all of them remains us, the homo sapiens. And fundamentally, we have changed little. This is why our history and culture will forever remain relevant.

/ What We Do

Through Lessons From The World, we will create history lessons that are relevant, factually accurate yet interesting, and simple for you to understand.
This blog is our way of travelling virtually together, breaking through space and time constraints. We organized the blog into different series, each exploring a big topic. Along the way, we also share some high-quality study materials, such as movies, documentaries, podcasts, and books.
And if you are lucky enough to hop on a plane and see it for yourself, let us equip you with the knowledge and inspire you to a culturally intelligent trip. Your holiday may just be much more meaningful.



My Story

Hi, My name is Philip.

This site records what I have learned from everyone. About myself and others. About individuals and societies. About history and future. About humans and nature. 

I remember the day when I graduated from my university, with dual degrees in Mathematics and Business, as well as a minor in Economics. I was at the top of the world. I thought I was done learning and have understood most things in life.

But as I hopped from job to job, country to country, I began to notice how vast the world is and how little I know. Calculus is great, but there is much more that I have never heard of. 

And then Covid-19 forced a real change in my routine. Life became very fragile. Things I have taken for granted disappeared. This all led me to re-examine the relationship between myself and the world. I started learning more about the world through self-reflection, reading, and writing. This blog is my attempt to summarize and share the lessons I have learned.

Perhaps there is one lesson that sums up all lessons: The more you realize the vastness of this world, the more you will realize the vastness of your possibilities. For me, learning about how history has evolved and how people live around this world has expanded my thinking about what is possible in life. I hope these lessons would also provide you with a positive spark.

Learning is a lifelong journey.
It would be great to have you as company.






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